Just in case you’re a little TARDY to the PARTY… or a little too COOL for SCHOOL, or you’ve been living under a Social media ROCK for the last 5 years…  Here’s what STARTED ALL THE HOOPLA thats going on NOW .. Miley Cyrus, TWERK etc. etc…..   From TMZ Reportings, MTV JAMS, David Letterman Nods, and Over 10 million Total “WHOOTY” related YOUTUBE views >>>  here is the OFFICIAL video that started it ALL..

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(Its amazing how this video and movement keeps spreading to a new audience and generation)  WE THANK YOU ALL FOR THAT!!! THE WHOOTYNATION IS ALIVE AND WELL!!!


For all this thats been asking.. FINALLY


EDUBB – Whooty Lyrics

She’s a whooty, a white girl with a booty
She’s a whooty, a white girl with a booty
She’s a whooty, a white girl with a booty
She’s a whooty, a white girl with a booty

[Verse 1: Almighty Dolla]
I know this girl named Melissa and her ass is soft as tissue
She got everybody hatin’ cause her booty is official
I say, “Whooty” they say, “Whooty?” I say, “White girl wiht a booty”
And it seems like when I look around it’s contagious like the cootie
Im talkin 36, 24, 48
Her last boyfriend left her back at home cause he thought she was overweight
You ain’t got to put no d’s on it
I jus want to squeeze on it
Call me Dolla aka The Black Hugh Hefner now freeze on it


[Verse 2]
Baby go on flash me like Girls Gone Wild
Yeah, you the star you the idol of the town
Girl with a whooty white girl with a booty oh you so purtty
Party get the wild bills in the high heels and the crowd go, “Yeah”
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
And the crowd goes wild cause that girl got a whooty
She tan ’bout 2 times a week in the club ’bout 3 times a week
And if I had to grade her like a mountain she is at her peak


Her mama think she fat but we like all of that
And her daddy think she black but lil mama got that back
See her boyfriend don’t like her and her friends want to fight her
She’s VH1, BET, MTV jam of the week
Yeah, damn, fuck yeah man
I’m talkin’ ’bout she got a ass on her man
I don’t like that skinny shit dude, yeah, fuck that, yeah

She likes the boys in the back
(She’s a whooty, a whooty)
She likes to hang backstage
(She’s a whooty, a whooty)
She likes Lil Wayne and T-Pain
(She’s a whooty, a whooty)
Chris Brown and Paul Wall
(She’s a whooty, a whooty)
She’s got Soulja Boy pictures on her wall
And EDUBB pictures on her drawers
She’s a whooty, a whooty
She’s a whooty, a whooty

For Those Wondering, where to trace where the WHOOTY Phenomenon spawned from… You gotta dig up this piece of VIRAL GOLD….  Social network HISTORY    Long Live The Original WHOOTY GIRL – Melody Jai

Purchase the Video: https://itunes.apple.com/us/music-video/edubb-presents-whooty-aka/id511213530